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Professional Break Dance/Hip-Hop Dancer, Performer, Coach, Choreographer, Mentor

Classes for tots, youth, young adults, adults, Don't miss your chance at registration with this amazing b-boy!

A Little about Gomo.....

Born in Manila Philippines and raised in Calgary Canada, Gene Cabarroguis, known as “Gomo", started dancing in 2005 after being inspired by local bboys at Bishop Kidd Junior High, who only taught him one move, Gomo had to teach himself, taking advantage of the pause/play buttons with movies such as Honey and You Got Served as well as Much Music’s Rap City . He started hosting sessions and battles anywhere he and his friends could, which soon led them to find the underground dance scene at the Heritage YMCA. He and a collective of other dancers from that YMCA later joined forces for their first battle; that’s when the Floorwookies was created

At the age of 17, he was invited to be part of two large productions: Calgary Cares and the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage and the opportunities kept coming, giving him the ability to make dance as a profession.

Today, Gomo has competed and toured all across North America, such as international events like Freestyle Session, Outbreak, Break Free and Redbull BC One Canada Cypher. Apart from gathering wins for his city, he also had the pleasure to meet the people he looked up to in the clips and movies from when he first started. Through his humble nature, he continues to collect knowledge and bring his experiences back to Calgary to share. With his recognizable name and reputation across Canada, Gomo continues to grow wherever he goes.

Right after High School, Gomo studied animation and film until dance unexpectedly became his profession. Gomo has performed at NBA Street League shows, the Calgary Stampede,  multiple Calgary productions, commercials, tours and the  World Skills Olympics.

“One of my favorite memory in breaking was when we had nowhere to practice at first. The only place was our local train station Marlborough. One day this random skinny kid came and smoked us effortless. He showed me that moves I thought were impossible. Later on I learned his name was Truth and who he was in our community. He became the guy to beat for me, and a big stepping stone. Through the years of trying to beat him we became friends and nothing felt better than getting the respect from the person you looked up to and wanted to beat since you were a kid”

Growing up Gomo was always surrounded by Hip-hop Culture but never really saw it yet. It wasn't until grade 9 Band class, where they performed for schools and that’s when Gomo first saw breaking live. He first asked Charles Moreno (Soul-B) to teach him something, who replied with “come to practice” and that’s when it all began. Dustin Casiano and Johnathan Kiss were his first teachers later on came Paul Lozada which was also his first battle, where he met Aaron Melanson (A-Plus) which became one of his greatest teachers. At high School Paul helped him get into Dance Montage, a university production where he met Jason Galeos, his other source of great inspiration. Paul also told him to attend a local YMCA where he first saw the community which later formed a crew now known as the Floor Wookies.