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Miro began his career in 1976 by taking Ballroom dance lessons at a local studio.  After a short amateur career, Miro opened up his own school of dance in 1986.  Over the years Miro has produced some of the best Latin & Ballroom amateur dancers in the country. Miro is orginally from the Czech Republic.

Born out of passion and dreams DC Dance Club dedicates itself in providing the best experience in personalized Latin, Ballroom, Swing, HipHop, Breakdance and Country dance instruction in Calgary.  They dreamed of creating the perfect place to dance, a place that would be more than just a dance studio.

Champion and Master Dancer, Choreographer, Coach, Founder and Owner

Many of Miro's dancers have won numerous awards and scholarships all over North America, most notable at one of the top competitions in the United States “Ballroom Championships”.  Over the years Miro has won numerous top teacher awards in Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Montreal, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Miami to name a few.  He received his certification with the NADTA.   His qualifications, admired in Calgary, are also recognized in Eastern Canada and in the United States.  He is always been about the students in dancing an advocate for the student, competitor, social dancer, and the love of dance.

Get to know Miro with a local Interview from Emmeline Noblet


Born out of passion and dreams DC Dance Club dedicates itself in providing the best experience in personalized Latin, Ballroom, Swing, HipHop, Breakdance, Country dance instruction in Calgary. We've dreamed of creating the perfect place to dance, a place that would be more than just a dance studio.

 A little about Miro from a local interview.......

DC Dance ClubWhat made you decide to open this business?

I initially opened up because I always loved dancing. I always thought I would be in the restaurant business because my parents were in the restaurant business and I spent the first part of my life there. But I liked dancing too much. A week before I was supposed to to go study in Ottawa, a job opportunity came up in Calgary and I thought, well... it's my last chance to have kick at the can. I applied at a local school and after a year, I decided to start my own business. Now we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary....!

Has it changed a lot since you first opened?

The genres have changed and styles have changed. The level of expertise has grown and the variety of dances offered has grown for sure. Our business has definitely changed since the beginning. With our new location here in Inglewood/Ramsey, it has allowed us to make a lot of changes by offering social events, and showcasing students, have "recitals" that have become big shows and being able to offer a lot more genres.

How many different styles of dance do you teach?

We don't really do hip-hop or break-dancing ourselves (laughter), we have experts for that! We have tried it, but we are enjoying our 30 years in the business and don't want to cut it short! LOL!! But we teach everything else. Carol specializes in Swing, Latin and Country and I teach a lot of Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Meringue... We've been dancing our whole lives, since we were young. But I (Miro) became a professional around the age of 27. We can both teach pretty much every style of dance ourselves.

Do you have a favorite dance to teach?

Miro- My passion obviously being from Europe, has always been the Viennese Waltz because of the classical music that it brings. When I was competing, I had favorites like the Viennese Waltz or the Tango but as you teach and develop all the other dances, then you get to like them more. You develop a stronger love for the dance you had the most struggles with. You start to gain a passion for the music. It's really nice to have the variety.


Are "newbies" with two left feet like myself teachable?

Lots of laughter... :) That is the most common question we get. Absolutely, yes! Everyone is different. Newbies in a group class are put in the proper level all together.

Do you have a most memorable experience working here?

Oh boy! So many! Miro- I can say that speaking of those with two left feet. The most memorable is when you have someone who comes in for the first time very reserved and shy and you see them develop confidence over time. And if they start competing as well. It's very rewarding to see them change and develop their skills. It's why we love teaching. That's our reward.  Carol- Yes I agree. I think one of the biggest thing is the friendships we develop as well. Those who have stuck with us and are still here. That's huge for us. That tells us everything. We have those who are still with us from the very first day! 30 years!

What has surprised you most when owning a business?

I think its like any other business... just when you think you have it all figured out you can be surprised and realize you don't. Maybe a downturn in the market will throw you for a loop. For us we must always keep learning so we can progress. There are different styles that come and go, and we need to know them and offer them so we don't fall behind.

How many instructors do you have?

We have three other than ourselves that we employ but we have many independent instructors that teach out of our space because they love our space. We have a specialized floor. In fact we are starting a full time training in Sept where we will bring on several teachers that we will train ourselves and bring experts to train them in specific areas.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you want customers to know about?

Carol- It would be to let everyone know about the events and that it's more of a dance central. That we have opened it up to independent teachers to showcase different genres. That we put on amazing shows for family and friends to watch.

What is something most people don't know about the business?

Miro- I think perhaps since we moved to this location, they don't realize that we catered so much more to holding events and allowing independent teachers to teach. We have a facility to accommodate a very good sized event. Carol- And a big thing for us, we started getting corporate and wedding events since we moved to this new location. This was our dream to have a true full dance studio. More than mirrors and a floor. With our beautiful lounge area, and huge dance floor, and we are now the only licensed studio in Calgary which helps us host really fun events. Dance school during the day and more of a dance club in the evening! We have an 80's night with a DJ and everything!

Learn from the Master of Ballroom.  
Learn from Miro Bartosz over 30 years experience, Master Dancer, Master choeographer, Champion Dancer, Teacher Training and competitor, over 30 years in Business.  Admired in Calgary, Eastern Canada and The United States, winner of countless awards.

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