Class Schedule

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Date: Sat. 30 Sep, 2017 10:00 am - 10:45 am
Duration: 45 Minutes
Categories: Beginner *
Starts Sept 30th for 8 weeks
$ 96.00
Breakdance and hiphop - helping kids with mobility difficulties to get up and move.
The dance group is a great form of exercise for children with disabilities
Dance encourages large muscle movement and promotes greater joint mobility. It also improves muscle tone, spatial awareness and co-ordination. It can be tailored to meet individual needs and it suits both boys and girls, with many social benefits.

“Emotionally, dance stimulates the ‘feel good’ endorphins through the incorporation of music and self expression,”

 “It is a way to mix socially with other people in a fun filled relaxed environment. We also include “buddies” which gives all participants the chance to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life.” you won’t regret giving it a try.

“We warmly welcome and encourage everyone to give dance a go. It is a great hobby and opens up many opportunities for children to meet new friends, enjoy music, express themselves and exercise in a safe, accepting environment.”