Welcome back, we have missed you!  

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hinshaw and Arts Minister Aheer to discuss the opening of the dance club and how to safely proceed forward. 
We are pleased with the Alberta Governments decision to open dance and other sports facilities for Calgarys mental and physical health.
We recommend reservations due to government guide lines on All Dances as well as groups going forward.

  • If you are sick please stay home
  • We will be adding to our cleaning protocols;
    prior to entrance please wash your hands with soap and water and constantly through-out the evening
  • Please stagger entrance and exit from studio as well as staircase
  • Touchless Temperatures will be taken prior to entrance
  • Due to physical distancing, coat room will limited; designate one person in your cohort group to put coats away and pick up, please keep your personal belongings in a bag and shoes in bag in the coat room, No Bags will be allowed inside the dance studio, except your personal belongings and purses.
  • No outdoor shoes, bare feet or sock feet will be allowed inside DC Dance Club, please change shoes in the lounge prior to entrance, Please designate a pair of dance shoes to DC Dance Club, or clean your shoes each time at home prior to coming to the studio
  • maximum2-6 people to a table, in your specific bubble group you may dance but please keep the distance between cohort bubble groups
  • Shared beverages/food are not allowed, coffee/tea/munchies will not be available at this time, bar drinks are available
  • Items that must be shared or passed between individuals should be cleaned and disinfected at an increased frequency.
  • Refrain from touching your face.
  • Bar will be open see DC Bartenders for your drinks
  • No outside food or drinks allowed in the studio
  • We ask you to refrain from switching partners and stay within your “Bubble Group”
    – Bubble groups are your specific circle of friends and those that are specific to your group/private dance classes. 
  • bar style tables will be available for your convenience at appropriate physical distancing
  • All dancers, instructors, and staff who are not part of the same cohort (private class bubble) should maintain at least two metres distance from each other at all times (unless they are part of the same household). DC instructors will not be socially/physically dancing except in their bubble designated groups.
  • Group classes will not be socially changing partners and will try and maintain physical distance in a class room setting. We will not be offering drop in classes at this time, registered classes are available
  • The total number of people in the dance cohort group (including students, instructors, and staff members) should not exceed 50 at this time.
  • It is recommended that we have group with the same people for the duration of stage 3.
  • In activities involving multiple dancers, each dancer should be assigned a designated area in which they can move about. Dancers should start in their designated area when possible for the duration of class (no swapping places).
  • All Privates & group classes will be 45-50 mins to insure staggered entrance & exit for students, wash surfaces between classes and for instructors to wash hands.
  • Wearing a mask is not required but you are welcome to if you feel the need to do so.
  • The number of audience members permitted in the venue at one time (not including the performing group or venue staff) may not exceed 100 people.
  • Music, dance and theatrical performances by children are to maintain the required physical distancing or cohorts.
  • Practice, rehearsals, and paid instruction of dance, may proceed so long as all participants follow the relevant instruction in this guidance and other applicable guidance documents.
  • Business, entities, and individuals that offer instruction or practice opportunities (whether professional or voluntary) should follow the COVID-19 General Relaunch Guidance and all other applicable guidance to keep themselves and their students safe.
  • Where in-person teaching and practice is required, it may occur so long as:
  • Participants should maintain two metres of physical distance from all others at all times, unless they are members of the same cohort (bubble) or household.
  • Non-cohorting individuals from different households who must come within two metres of each other for the purposes of instruction should wear masks depending on the individual. Whatever your choice, we encourage you to do what you feel comfortable with.
  • Members of the performing group should not mingle with audience members, patrons, venue staff or volunteers during or after performances.


  • Venues that host music, dance, and activities are expected to abide by applicable guidance documents to the extent possible, to keep staff, volunteers, performers, and patrons safe.
  • The venue staff should ensure that organizations, groups, or individuals that participate in music or theatre activities in a public venue comply with the venue’s rules and precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Venue operators should consider adjusting publicly accessible spaces to support physical distancing among performers, staff, volunteers, and attendees who participate in these activities. This could include:
  • Controlling and staggering entry into, and exit from, the venue.
  • Extending the time between door opening and performance start to allow for staggered entry.
  • Establishing different points of entry and exit from high traffic areas.
  • Arranging or marking seating to ensure minimum 2 metre social distancing between individuals who are not members of the same household.
  • Identifying areas, such as lobbies or bathrooms, where crowding and bottlenecks are common, and using volunteers, staff, or barriers to redirect people who may gather in these areas.

Group Classes will be beginning next week, please see schedule and register for all classes, as we will be following guidelines with restrictions. New classes added daily.