Introductory Programs

Our Introductory Programs are designed as a prelude to the popular dances and the teaching methods of DC Dance Club. It’s designed to fulfill your immediate dance needs while allowing your instructor an opportunity to evaluate your dancing with respect to your future learning. Be prepared to spend about 2 to 3 months in each level from 1 – 2A Emphasis is placed on:

  1. The basic steps and patterns in the dance(s) of your choice
  2. The rhythm and timing
  3. The basic dance positions
  4. Lead and/or Follow

This program will provide you with enough variety to keep your learning experience interesting and enjoyable.

Bronze Program – Level 1, 1A, 2, 2A Dancer

The Bronze program is divided into four levels I-IV, and is equivalent to levels 1-2A. The Bronze Program focuses on technique and styling in all the dances at all levels while further developing your lead and/or following ability, rhythm, expression and confidence to look and feel natural and comfortable on the dance floor. Dancing at this level will allow you the ability to dance with any partner, to any kind of music, on any size dance floor, anywhere in the world and be completely confident and comfortable. This is the recommended social dance standard. This Program can take from 8 months to 12 months to complete.

Silver Program – Level 3 to Advanced Dancer

The Silver Program is for dancers who desire a high degree of styling. At this level, you will stand out on the dance floor as a result of flowing, continuous, fluid movements enhanced with very flashy styling. Increased balance, control, styling and power allow silver dancers to maneuver with ease and grace. This program can take 1 to 4 years to complete following the Bronze program depending on the frequency of lessons you take.

Gold Program – Competition Level Dancer

The Gold Program is the absolute in showmanship, styling, choreography and technique. Intricate movements and styling makes this a level for the serious dance fanatic. Be prepared to clear the dance floor. For the Hobby dancer, this program can last as long as you continue to enjoy dancing.

Competitive and Exhibition

Competitive and Exhibition dancing is for those who thrive on the thrills and excitement of Dancesport. Training is available at all levels from novice to advanced. Be prepared to work very hard as Dancesport may be comparable to many forms of athletics. Contestants may compete as amateur couples or as Pro/Am with their teachers. This is the ultimate in perfection.

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Levels of Ballroom Dancing Explained in Detail

Classes marked as “Beginner” require little to no prior dance experience. Oftentimes, many students have no idea how much there is to learn in partner dancing. Most think they have learned a complete dance after only learning a few patterns. That is an amazing accomplishment but that’s only the beginning. Below is a list of the levels:

  • Bronze I – IV
  • Silver I – IV
  • Gold I – IV


This is where it all begins. When you take partner dance lessons for the first time, this is the level you will be starting in. At this level, the focus is on building a foundation, and having fun, of course. Each dance has about 10-15 figures plus variations and can be broken down into four sections of 3-5 patterns. This makes the learning more digestible. Depending on the studio, these sections are called Bronze 1, 2, 3 and 4. The figures in Bronze 1 are usually simple, and as you move through Bronze 2 and Bronze 3 and Bronze 4, it will get more complex.

For those of you who don’t know what a figure is, it’s a standardized step pattern that may consist of only 1 step or as many as 2, or 3 steps, sometimes more. However, learning figures only gives us our context within a dance; learning the techniques and characteristics associated with the dance is what makes it dancing and not just stepping. In Bronze, you will learn basic techniques and skills that will help you become a better-quality dancer and help you effectively lead or follow the figures you are learning. For example, we are delighted for Bronze-level students to be able to maintain good posture, a toned frame, and coordinate bending and straightening their knees while dancing the Rumba at this level.

Many students spend years dancing at the Bronze level. This is for a few different reasons; learning to dance requires multitasking and some people are better at that than others. Not only do you have to learn where to put your feet, but you must also communicate through body actions and frame to your partner what should be danced, count the timing, and listen to the music all at once! Because all these aspects are new, it takes longer to learn the figures in multiple dances. However, after a few months, some of these skills will become easier and you should notice that you are able to pick the material up quicker than when you first started – so keep up the great work!

Class Level

Classes marked as “Beginner” require little to no prior dance experience. In order to attend an “Advanced” level class a student
must have been passed from a beginner class or have a previous dance experience above Bronze Level.

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