Step up your social game with our group classes!

Group classes are a fun way to learn in a social setting, enjoying good exercise in the process. We offer Group Classes in Social and International styles and at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

Beginner Levels: Dance Classes are designed for people who have never danced before or, have very little experience. You will become familiar with several social dances on a basic level. These classes are designed to take Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Country dancers to the next level.

Intermediate Levels: Provide you the chance to build upon your current dance skills. You will have a chance to build upon what you already know.

Advanced Levels: When you are a seasoned dancer and want to build upon your style, advanced lessons are the ticket. You will get to perfect your form and technique, as well as learn advanced dance steps and dazzling moves.

Packages: The More You Dance, The More You Save! Choose one of our Monthly Group Memberships or, choose one of our many other group packages that best suit your needs.


Memberships at discount – Join our club!

Memberships are a great option for students who plan to take 2 or more classes/socials per month. Each membership requires an initial 3-month commitment, which automatically rolls to a month-to-month membership after the initial commitment, until you cancel. Please see Studio Policies for complete terms and details.

New Student Special

$99/ month

  • Valid for one month of up to 2 ongoing dance classes in your level and below 8 classes per month $168 value
  • (Renew for up to 3 months maximum registration)
  • 10% Discount on dance bootcamps, workshops in your level

Ultimate Unlimited Membership

$169/ month

  • All access to ongoing group dance classes in your level and below
  • $7.00 off on Saturday night dance socials
  • 50% Discount on Bootcamps, workshops in your level
  • $10.00/hour off on private lessons – up to 24 hours
  • (All memberships require a 3 month’s Auto-Pay)
  • The best bang for your buck

Group Member

$129/ month

  • Up to 2 group dance classes in your level and below 8 times/month
  • Value $168/month
  • $5.00 off on Saturday night socials
  • 25% Discount on bootcamps, workshops in your level

The Power of Group

Group lessons are very affordable, they range from $12.38 – $14.08 if you choose one of our monthly Memberships. One time drop in class fee is $22 per class. There is no partner necessary, though partners are always welcome. Groups can be a great compliment to private lessons and to our studio socials, inccluding towards reaching your dancing goals!

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DC Dance Club offers regular dance workshops for everyone from the beginner to advanced; from junior to adult. Enjoy a fun filled weekend of different dance classes in many different styles of Latin, Ballroom, Country and Latino. Workshops usually start on Friday evening and go all day Saturday, sometimes through to Sunday.

You can attend the Workshops as a single. There is something for everyone.

Workshop Schedule will be published one week prior to the event. Watch for it in our Amazing Upcoming Events page for more information.

Make sure you choose your dance level wisely. We have tried to maintain a mixture of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes throughout each day and the weekend.

The Benefits of Group Classes:

You will be able to

  • Meet new friends and create social connections
  • Have the opportunity to dance with others, at and above your own skill level
  • Attain valuable leading/following skills by dancing with several partners
  • Learn the various skills and patterns in a comfortable, pressure-free setting
  • Learn the basics of MANY styles of dance through a convenient, affordable and systematic approach

Try a group class!


Introductory Programs

Our Introductory Programs are designed as a prelude to the popular dances and the teaching methods of DC Dance Club. It’s designed to fulfill your immediate dance needs while allowing your instructor an opportunity to evaluate your dancing with respect to your future learning. Be prepared to spend about 2 to 3 months in each level from 1 – 2A Emphasis is placed on

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Take Advantage of our Special Offer Lesson. Just $55.00 for 45 minute dance lesson to ‘Try us Out' and allow us 15 minutes to assess your dancing needs. You will get to experience a one on one private lesson with one of our instructors in the dance(s) of your choice. All we need is your preferred date and time to book you!

Private lessons and group classes are a perfect partnership. The structure and customizability of our private lessons will get you to where you want to be as a dancer quicker. However, the variety of our group classes allow you to experience new learned steps with different partners, or take what you learn in a group class and polish it with your instructor

Every class is different, however classes can typically be joined as late as the second week. If you'll miss more than one week, we recommend that you wait until the start of the next series (at the beginning of the next month), as most classes are taught as part of a progressive series. With a progressive series, each week builds on what was taught the previous week(s). Some classes allow newcomers throughout the entire month. Please call the studio to find out more details.

If you feel that you have necessary skills to skip to an upper level class, you will just need to get instructor approval before attending the class.

It varies with each person! Our classes contain quite a bit more material than the average group class, as students need a certain amount of repetition to develop both the mental and physical retention needed to become comfortable in a particular style. The average student who has never taken dance will usually spend 3 - 4 months in any given level before being passed into the next level. Instructors gauge the footwork, lead/follow, and rhythm/musicality level of each student to determine which class will best allow him/her to succeed. If you ever have a question about being passed into the next level, please talk with the instructor!

Because our group classes are geared to adults, students must be at least 18 years old to attend. (We may occasionally make exceptions - on a case-by-case basis - for students 16 - 17 years old to attend adult group classes, with parental approval & a signed release form, and with the understanding that they will be dancing with other adult students of all ages.)

Wear clothes you would feel comfortable moving in. Some people come after work and have business casual attire on, some people wear jeans and t-shirt. Both are perfectly fine. As for shoes, when you first start out a pair a shoes that give you good support and preferably does not have a rubber sole. Eventually as your dancing progresses you will want to consider purchasing a pair of dance shoes. We can certainly help you select and/or order the right shoe.

For your first class: If you have not pre-registered or pre-paid prior to class we recommend arriving 15 - 20 minutes before class begins, otherwise 5-10 minutes prior to class is enough.

Yes, in order to redeem a Gift Certificate you must present it at the time or redemption.
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