Liability Waiver and consent By entering into our website or our facilities you agree to DC Dance Club’s Inc.

By entering into our website or our facilities you agree to DC Dance Club’s Inc. Policies and consent form DC Dance Club Health and Fitness, Liability Waiver, Informed Consent Form:

I, (print name)  ________________________________________________________________________     am participating in the programs* and activities offered through DC Dance Club Inc.**.

My Minor Child (print name)  ____________________________________________________________          is participating in the programs* and activities offered through DC Dance Club Inc. **.  

Programs may include, but are not be limited to, private or group classes, workshops, social functions, fundraisers, showcases, competitions.  

** Further, such programs may be offered directly through DC Dance Club or through a third party individual or group using the DC Dance Club venue.

I acknowledge that the services provided may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular exertion, and other various fitness activities. I acknowledge that by its very nature dancing involves close physical connection including direct body to body contact. I hereby affirm that I and/or my child/children am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known disability or condition of a physical or mental nature which would prevent or limit my or their participation in this program.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to obtain a medical examination and clearance for myself and/or my child/children prior to engaging in any sport or fitness activity. . I hereby assume full and sole responsibility for my own health, COVID-19 pandemic & safety and well-being and that of my legal dependents.  I acknowledge there is no way to completely protect ourselves from this virus.  

I acknowledge that my enrolment and subsequent participation is purely voluntary and is in no way mandated by DC Dance Club Inc. In consideration of my participation in this program, I hereby release DC Dance Club Inc. and The Crossroads Market Ltd., their owners, directors, officers, agents, activity providers, employees and successors from any and all action, debts, accounts, claims and demands whatsoever by myself, my heirs, executors, or assigns for any injury of person, including death, or for any damage or loss of property which may be sustained as a consequence of participation in activities or presence on the property of DC Dance Club Inc. of me or my child/children.  Injuries may include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, strokes, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle tears, broken bones, shin splints, injuries to knees or shoulders or any other joints of the body, injuries to back, injuries to a foot, or any other illness or soreness, physical or mental/emotional discomfort that may be incurred.

This Agreement and the CDF waiver constitute the entire agreement between the parties and there are no further provisions, either oral or written.  This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta.  Any notices, requests, demands or other communications will be deemed to be completed when emailed to DC Dance Club Inc. at  Email signatures are binding and considered to be original signatures. 


_________________________________________________________         ________________________________

Signature of Adult Participant or Legal Guardian                                              Date Signed

Phone     __________________________________

Email      ______________________________________________________________________________________

Please initial:

I have read the DC Dance Club Inc. Policies and I understand that:

_____  all services must be pre-paid and are nontransferable between classes and/or between students and are non-refundable.

_____  missed or cancelled private classes require 24 hours notice to avoid being charged.

_____  I give media use rights permission i.e. social media postings, advertising, etc.  DC Dance Club Inc. has no control over attendees taking photos and subsequently posting same.  Special events may at times include media presence.  DC Dance Club Inc. advertising may include photos, videos etc. of various activities and events. 

Missed Classes and Refunds

  • All services must be prepaid prior to start of first class.   
  • No refunds will be issued for any missed group or private class.  Neither can a missed class be made up in another time slot.  
  • Exception:  If a medical condition prevents completion of a service by 1/2 the classes or more, then DC Dance Club Inc. will consider providing a credit towards future classes.  A doctor’s note will be required.  Notification must be provided to DC Dance Club Inc. via email to within 24 hours of missing a class.
  • Private lessons require 24 hours notice to avoid being charged.  Private lessons do not mean that you are booking the entire floor space.  Floor space may be shared at any time.  DC Dance Club Inc. will do their best to provide you with the instructor of your choice but may assign another instructor to you for any or all private lessons booked.  
  • Students are welcome to stay after class and practice dependent on available space and presence of DC Dance Club Inc. staff as determined by DC Dance Club Inc. staff.  A practice fee will be charged.  


  • Proper indoor-only footwear must be worn at all times for the safety of all students and for maintenance of the dance floor. No wet footwear is allowed in the ballroom at any time. Please ensure that footwear is in good condition and not damaging to the floor, i.e. leaving marks on the floor.  
  • No gum is allowed in the ballroom for kids. No outside food or drink is allowed on DC Dance Club Inc. premises.  
  • Please be very careful with any DC Dance Club Inc. provided beverage or food inside the ballroom.  Any spills provide a safety issue for all students.
  • When using the lounge/reception area, please be respectful.  No feet on tables or couches.  Pick up all your trash before leaving.  
  • Parent or other attending adult is responsible for the behaviour of children.  Inside voices please and no running at any time.  Children only have access to the ballroom during their lesson or as spectators at a performance. Children are to remain seated and quiet during performances for safety of performers and enjoyment of other attendees.
  • DC Dance Club Inc. is not responsible for any damage to or loss of personal property.
  • Covid Pandemic precautions are in place, if you are sick stay home, if you are unsure please stay home.  Wash hands prior to entrance, temperatures will be taken, hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the studio.
  • Covid is an ongoing issue you are ultimately responsible for yourself as well as your dependents and guests.
  • Please see for full covid guidelines.


  • We collect information when you register for a service, place an order for product, send/receive email, complete surveys or forms.  That information may include name, address, phone number, email, birthday, credit card information, etc.  That information is used to process transactions, order product, administer a class, conduct a contest, promotion, survey, and send emails.
  • You may unsubscribe from emails by following unsubscribe instructions on emails.
  • The DC Dance Club Inc. website uses cookies to compile aggregate data about site traffic and interactions. This allows us to offer better site experiences and tools in the future. A third party provider may be used. They are not permitted to use the information collected on our behalf for any purpose other than to help us to conduct and improve our business.
  • DC Dance Club Inc. and any third party provider it uses does not sell, trade or transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties.  Your information will only be released if and when we believe it is appropriate and required to do so to comply with legal requirements.
  • DC Dance Club Inc. may include or offer third party products or services on our website.  These third party service providers have separate and independent privacy policies over which we have no responsibility and assume no liability.  However, we seek to protect the integrity of our site and request any feedback about third party sites.

Photographs and Media

  • Press and other media, parents, and staff may be present to either photograph, film, or interview program participants.  DC Dance Club Inc. cannot always control what the media will release to the public or what private individuals may post on social media. These photographs, etc. may be used for advertising purposes.  It is your choice whether to participate or not if these situations arise.  DC Dance Club Inc. is not responsible or liable for any images or recordings taken by third parties including students or guests that may be posted on any social media site.

Online Merchandise Purchases

  • All merchandise purchases, either online or on site, fall under Canadian law and where applicable the laws of the Province of Alberta.  Any merchandise purchases made outside of Canada are still protected under Canadian jurisdiction.


  • All students are requested to read and sign the DC Dance Club Health and Fitness/ Liability Waiver/Informed Consent form and the CDF Infectious Diseases Waiver.  In the absence of a signed form, by using the DC Dance Club Inc. website or entering the DC Dance Club Inc. premises, you are providing consent to the terms of that form and these policies.

Communication – all communications through  Do not phone, text or email staff/instructors through their personal contact sources.

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