Stars of DC’s Dance Floor continue…..

Meet Angela:

mom was diagnosed with a debilitating hereditary disease she was told that she would slowly lose the use of her limbs entirely. It was hard for her to think of never walking again and we talked about all the things she wished she’d done while she could. One of those things was dancing. With the chances of my having the disease being quite high, I’d decided in that moment that I wanted to do all the things she wishedshe’d done. I began with group dance classes and really enjoyed dancing for several years. When I came to DC Dance Club for the first time a year ago, I truly fell in love with dancing. I decided that I wanted to improve faster and to do that, I committed to private lessons with Miro. In the past year, my love for dancing has grown insurmountably. My skill level has improved drastically and most importantly… my reason for dancing has changed. I started dancing for my mom, and now I dance for me. Thank you to Carol & Miro for changing my life in a way that you’ll probably never really know or understand.

Good morning! Yesterday marked the beginning of a new year in my life and I was thinking about the journey of growth I have gone through. I decided that the best way to start this day is to celebrate the people around me and let them know what I see. In that spirit I would like to say…Carol, you and Miro have taught me so much this past year. I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence in dance and my life because of the time spent learning with you. I have great respect for you and the work that you have chosen. It is inspiring to see people who care deeply about others and help them become stronger through dance. Thank you both for being your genuine selves…..Rene

Great moments, great students

This year was very special to me. At the beginning of this year when I knew I had all the time in   the world, I chose and learn and discover as much as I could cause I didn’t know when I would ever get an opportunity like this. So I spent the first part of this year travelling. I traveled to Morocco for almost a month and got spend a night under the stars in the Sahara desert. I hiked through parts of Hawaii and I spent a lot of time improving my surfing skills in Costa Rica. When I knew my travels were over and I had to come home, I didn’t want to stop learning and I really wanted to push my personal boundaries. I was never a good swimmer, so I took swimming lessons for the first time since I was 10. I thought boxing looked kinda cool, so I took up boxing. I have a small fear of heights, so I spent a lot of time on the climbing wall. And finally, I wanted to find a way to be more in the moment and having more fun, while letting any self-doubt or criticism just melt away. To my surprise, I found it in dance. Spending the last few months with Carol and Miro along with the folks at DC Dance Club, has taught me to let go and most importantly, focus on being me – which sounds so simple, but is very easy to forget sometimes. Carol did an amazing job of constantly reminding me and for that I am forever grateful….Earl

I will be participating in DC Dance Clubs Dec.15th showcase by performing salsa ? for the very first time. Dance is a passion I picked up over the last year. Dancing is a language of movement, Both partners must be in tune with one another and be able to speak without words. When you find the flow everything feels fine ? I love meeting new people and stepping out of my comfort zone. At times we all feel awkward and a bit slow to learn. The staff at DC dance create a judgement free zone and are extremely patient. I’d love for you, family and friends to support me by attending. See the info for tickets. Space is limited so please purchase ASAP ? Thanks ! Thank you….Rebecca

Hi we’re ML & Art Bader and we’re a couple of Country dancers trying to crash into the Ballroom scene. And thanks to Carol & Miro and group lessons at DC Dance, we’ve traded in our cowboy boots for ballroom shoes. We started dance lessons just after we got married 10 yrs ago. We wanted to be able to do something more than just hop around on the dance floor when the band played our favourite songs. Lessons went well and we were offered the chance to improve our basic skills by joining a performance dance team. What a blast! Our next dance goal was to learn some ballroom. Enter Carol & Miro. Our first attempt at learning Waltz wasn’t as successful as we were hoping it might be – and it’s still a challenge but Miro is a very patient teacher. Thank goodness he has a sense of humour! Our Cha and East Coast swing has improved and we’re working on Foxtrot and Rhumba. We recently joined The DC Dance “Hustle”:Dance Team that David is leading and choreographing for the Dec 15th show. By being part of this great group not only have we increased our dance skills but we’ve made new friendships. Dancing is one of the best gifts we’ve been given. We’re so happy we took those first few steps many years ago (even though we had no idea what we were doing). Don’t sit on the sidelines next year. Be part of the show. Take those lessons you’ve been putting off and throw caution to the wind. Give yourself a beautiful gift and learn to dance. Or continue to challenge yourself and become part of a performance team… Be the Nike commercial and “Just Do It”. See you on the dance floor.

Since the age of 16, when I was first introduced to some Salsa moves, I fell in love with the dance! And have ever since had the desire to learn different styles of Latin dances. It has been a dream of mine to be able to perform and attempt to look like one of those professional ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dancers ? (hope I get there some day). Enrolling for dance lessons at DC Dance club has proven to be the best decision I have made to help me work towards this goal. The instructors at DC are an amazing and tremendously talented group of people.
I recently enrolled for the teachers training course offered at DC as well, which I honestly feel, has taken my dance experience to a whole new level. Besides learning, I am also given the opportunity to assist in teaching other dancers.
I am truly enjoying every minute of my dance lessons here at DC and am looking forward to performing at the upcoming showcase event on December 15th!…..Elaine

Meet Jennifer
Dance has always been very special to me. It has been my creative outlet, my way to connect with others and above all it has always been a way to play! Every time I walk into a studio or onto a stage it is another opportunity to play and share my love of dance. I love teaching for this reason, it provides me the opportunity to pass on what I have learned with the hope that my students will develop the same passion for dance that I have.

My name is Lori, I am nine and a half years old, and I am a student in the Youth Group at DC Dance Club.
I love dancing; I liked it since I was four years old; I was dancing by myself on any music that was playing on the radio. Dancing is my passion; I feel happy when I dance.  One year ago I started taking lessons at D.C.Dance. My instructors, Carol and Angela, are awesome! They teach us great dancing, they are patient with us and make the lessons fun!   They teach our group different great dances: Waltz, Tango, Samba, Country, Swing, and Foxtrot.
We learned a lot and keep learning. Thank you, Carol and Angela!….

I always have fun at the dance classes and I enjoy dancing with the other students in my group. It is awesome to go to D.C.Dance!

Hello Carol & Miro,  I have finally got some pictures back but haven’t received the video yet. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for helping us create our first wedding dance. It was spontaneous and very much captured our personalities and us as a couple. You were able to understand what our vision was and bring it to life. You were absolutely wonderful to work with and also extremely accommodating of our very busy work schedules. I would recommend DC Dance Club to any couple looking to improve there dance moves, create a custom piece or really just to go hang out and dance!! Thanks again……Kurstie Jago Nov. 2016

“It was an awesome experience [that] everyone should try at least once,” said first-year SAIT information technologies student Colin O’Neil. I Found my first time at DC Dance Club to be memorable after getting invited from a friend to go out and try the clubs Exercise night.  I found out from my friend that Exercise nights leaned towards more Latin moves such as salsa, samba, and the cha-cha-cha. l found the dance experience to be a great work out, and considered it to be akin to playing the interactive video game Just Dance. The class as accommodating to new members, with helpful and non-judgmental instruction”….“I think it was a lot of fun,” ……O’Neil.

“I’ve been to different dance venues, studios, and dance schools over the years. I truly enjoy DC Dance Club. In comparison with other studios, DC Dance Club has an excellent dance floor, very good lighting, and big mirrors. It’s suitable for any dance activities, parties and dance classes. The floor size is perfect for all kinds of dance. The long and short wall are of ideal length, which is essential for dance classes and parties. All the dance teachers are superb. Their dance classes and classes are fun and enjoyable. The most important aspect I like about DC Dance Club is the group dynamics. The people there are very friendly, sincere and truthful which creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for all the dancers, students and dance teachers. This remarkable aspect is unique to DC Dance Club. For those who are looking for a good place to dance, learn how to dance, and a place to hold business functions and parties, I highly recommend DC Dance Club. I have had the best dance experience in Calgary there and I’d like to share that with all my friends”…..Patrick Leung

“DC dance club has great Saturday night evenings.  My husband and I take swing classes and are very impressed with the instructors.  Carol and Miro are very patient and make the classes fun!  They helped us put together a great first dance for our wedding!  We love our time there and look forward to continuing our dancing classes”…….Stephanie deBoer-Fuller

We have been dancing with the DC Dance Club for years.  Carol is an amazing instructor that just makes dancing simple and fun.  She has an amazing way of making two left feet fall into the right places.  We have met a lot of great people and friends through DC Dance Club and we have enjoyed many laughs with these great people.  Dancing with DC Dance Club is a great way to get some activity into your life without seeming like a workout.  I would highly recommend dancing with Carol and Miro as they are top notch instructors and friends!…….Kathy and Len

“I have been going to DC Dance Club, also known as Dance Connection for over 10 years. Met my husband through dance. Both my husband and I still take classes and enjoy the socials immensely. Miro and Carol are great instructors and fun to be with. The new studio is such a gem”……Linda

Both Miro and Carol are AMAZING! My fiance and I searched for private dance classes for our wedding from multiple studios around Calgary. We chose DC Dance between both Miro and Carol were opened minded enough to create choreography that fit with our song choice with the dance styles we wanted to incorporate. Miro is a fantastic instructor and made me feel light on my feet despite having no ballroom dance background. Carol took the time to work with and explain all the intricate details on how to be a supportive partner. The boys don’t look like they do much, but they sure do a lot. I would HIGHLY recommend experiencing classes form them both!
…..Traci Pendlebury

“I came to DC Dance club looking for something new, fun and exciting to do in my life, I walked in with no experience whatsoever, but Carol and Miro took me under their wing and taught me how to dance. I was amazed at how fast I picked up and how much I enjoyed dancing. Not only have I learned how to dance, but I’ve also found confidence in myself. Now when I step out onto the dance floor, a better version of me shines. Thanks for everything!”– Jayden

It started as just wanting to learn a few steps to get around the dance floor…  Now many, many years later; we still find it a joy to dance and hold a thirst to continually learn more.

Throughout the years, Miro and Carol have always demonstrated their passion, patience and professionalism in all their teachings.  Their exceptional skills to teach dance comes from their innate ability to simplify the process and present it in a way that is fun, easily understandable, and relevant to each student.  We have met many new friends at DC Dance Club over the years; and have always enjoyed our times together dancing and socializing on the Saturday evenings, as well as at the special events parties.
– Lily and Leo

“Dear Miro and Carol Thank you for teaching us and choreograhing our first dance…It was one of our most memorable moments.  We will be coming for more classes and look forward to seeing you both again!”
…Rebecca and Mark

“Carol and Miro”  Thank you for your time, patience and support in choreographing our first dance, it went off without a hitch!, Thank you for your thoughtful wishes, we look forward to dancing with your both again soon!”….Andrew & Nicole

When we first came into DC DanceClub looking for ideas to choreograph our first wedding dance we had no clear vision about how we wanted it to look like. We interacted with Miro for an hour and the next time we showed up he had a song and choreagraphed dance to suit our personalities. He knew exactly what to do for us and we fell in love with the music and beautiful choreography. The following four months were not so easy, given the fact I had previous dance experience and my fiancee hadn’t and our difficult personalities on top of everything! Miro was able to not only train us technically but mediate our strengths and weaknesses so that we would both be happy and not kill eachother at the end! He was like our couples therapist! Miro and Carol are great people with a great sense of humour, who are very experienced, professional and passionate about dance. They created a warm and friendly environment that we looked forward to coming to all the time. The classes were never rushed and Miro always took his time to explain everything! Now that the wedding business is behind us we will continue to enjoy dancing at DC Dance Club!”
Patrycja Len

Miro was fantastic! So patient with everyone and catered well to the wants and needs of the students! He asked each couple what their wedding dance song was and played each one so that we had a chance to practice. Would definitely recommend the wedding bootcamp class.